Mission and History


The Drawing Galaxy, an artist collective, investigates experimental drawing and abstraction as a primary avenue of expression in contemporary culture. This collective is composed of 35 professional artists who are committed to drawing abstractly to create unusual cross-disciplinary work. The artists utilize a vast inventory of innovative tools and materials that are both historical and newly relevant for the future of abstract art. The activities of the collective include exhibitions of contemporary drawings on paper and uncommon substrates that forge links between communities, with collaborative projects and publications for public programs. We provide critical discussions regarding contemporary abstract drawing.

Founded in 2009 by artist, curator and professor Meredith Rosier, The Drawing Galaxy website offers museums, foundations, academicians, collectors, gallerists and emerging artists access to the imagery of 35 artists exploring individualization through drawing and abstraction. Rosier teaches drawing and abstraction at the Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, New York.

The Drawing Galaxy encompasses a wide range of artistic traditions alongside Rosier’s approach to abstract drawing. She incorporates the unconscious as did the automatic drawing of the Surrealist’s. This interdisciplinary methodology combines abstract drawing with science, literature, photography, pop culture in music and art and all manner of craft such as embroidery and knitting. Experimental drawings utilize burning, perforation, sewn substrates, handmade pigments, typewriter drawings, to name a few.

The Drawing Galaxy Website offers the viewer:

  • A gallery of drawings by each artist with their biography and artist statement.
  • A library devoted to influential books on drawing and abstraction.
  • A blog that heralds the experimental methods that artists employ with their studious dialogue concerning the language of abstraction.
  • Photographs and videos of innovative tool and material usage.
  • Events including exhibitions, lectures and community collaborations.